Pig brother is excited,This sound,It is a hard study of him for such a long http://www.digetongfang.cn time.,Is an incentive!

Is a win confidence!
“Pig brother’s momentum!”
“Didn’t eat,Sound is so small,Again!”
“Mom Ye,Laozi opened out,Sound is so big,I miss me to die.!”
“Finish,Laozi’s ear is awkward。”
Pig brother just runs two steps,Suddenly a gun,Pig brother’s screen is black。
“Xuan brother killed pig brothers!”
A small tip of the upper right corner immediately appears!
This is gone.?
The people in the live broadcast are silent.。
Pig brothers are also completely silent.,do not know what to say,Sitting in front of the computer,Some can’t believe this scene。
How to die?
Pig brother is slow,I started looking carefully.,Justice to see Shen Xuan standing next to a corner。
Handheld big spray!
Directly aiming at yourself!
It’s so dead.?
http://www.xingfudaren.cn Just because I didn’t see the Qing people,Falling in the last step!
game over!
Xuan brothers successfully eaten chicken!
The biggest pig brother,Also fallen。
“Xuan Ge,Forever!”
“Don’t be discouraged,Pig brother,Rethone strive,Maybe it may become!”
“Pig brother,This is a talent problem,Enroll!”
Many spectators comforted the pig brother,after all,Pig brother has lost many times.,And all is a person who hits a person in Xuan Ge.,This is too big to fight against people.,Normal people can’t accept it。
“Pig brother,Cheer up,Our anchor circle is to talk to the Xuan brother,Not coming?”
“Yup,Integrate,This person’s strength is a little horrible,We suspect that he hangs。”
“Can’t let him be so mad,Pig brother,Let’s go together!”
The live broadcast of pig brothers suddenly poured a lot of anchors.,All invited pig brothers to join the team of anti-Xuange。
Although the pig brother has not lived a game.,But his prestige and famous arrogance are still,If you can have his joining,Affirmation,By the time,The eating chicken anchor of most game circles will join,Unity begins to discuss Shen Xuan。
“Trough,This is really big.,Just in response to Xuan Ge!”
“Are you so?,A group of occupations bullying a amateur。”
“do not,How do I feel that these people collect up to Xuan Ge’s opponent??”
“Hahaha,I am also this idea.,Xuan Ge is what you can play.?”