Watched him go,The back disappeared,Chen Xue is relieved,Sitting on office chair。</p>

Finally sent away this big trouble,I remembered that I just let Lin be Su Luo’s agent, Rao decided。</p>
Chen Xue couldn’t help but twitch,forest,Don’t blame sister,Blame this trouble Jing Su Luo,He has too many things。</p>
Subsequently,She thought about it again,Young man,It’s when you need more experience,After all, a fellow Daoist is not a poor Dao,Uh……Is not,I should be honing her intentionally。</p>
Thinking like this,Chen Xue seemed to feel much better in her heart,Adjusted my emotions,Shouted:“forest,Come in,I have something to tell you。”</p>
Que Su Luo,After leaving the office,Went back to the apartment,Ready to hurry up。</p>
Next second,I received a call from Ju Jingyi。</p>
“Hey,Hello there,I am Su Luo,who are you?”</p>
“Su Luo,it’s me,I want to discuss with you,Questions about the remaining crime script。”</p>
Received a call from Ju,Su Luo was very surprised。</p>
Open road:“it is good,Do you have time now?”</p>
Judao:“I am now,There was no notice in the afternoon,At three o’clock,Meet at the entrance of the milk tea shop in the pedestrian street。”</p>
Su Luodao:“it is good,See you or leave then。”</p>
Judao:“Ok,See or leave。”</p>
Hang up antelope,There was a smile on Su Luo’s face,It seems the possibility of inviting Ju Jingyi to participate in the remaining crime,Greatly improve。</p>