Why are the students in my class so uncomfortable??

Han Qian didn’t say a word,Because she thought of Wang Yufei’s recent abnormalities。
More than a month ago,Suddenly discussed with her family to move Guo Xiaoyi’s computer to his room,You know that moving a desktop computer takes a lot of effort,Follow the recent period,Staying up until midnight every day I don’t know that I seem to be busy programming in front of the computer……
Ok,and also,My daughter seems to love mobile phones recently,Hold your mobile phone every day。Although she checks the phone every day, there is nothing messy software,But now it seems……
Han Qian suddenly felt so complicated。
“What is not so scary?Today everyone must make a statement,This matter must be dealt with seriously,Also, find out where the software comes from!I ran through the various application markets,I haven’t seen similar software!”Yu Dewei said solemnly。
“and many more,No similar software can be found in any major application market?By the way, this was not developed by the children themselves?That’s really amazing,This software is not easy to develop, right?”
“More than not easy,My husband is a programmer,He earns more than!Just work overtime often,People are too tired!I usually feel blind when watching him work at home!”
“Hey,Don’t you say,After I watched this demo,I want to be next。For a system work,One system is used in daily life,It’s good for a mobile phone to distinguish two different needs!”
“Yes,Yes,Speaking of which, if this program is really developed by our own students,Can you advertise。What is quality education?This is not it?Self-taught programming in spare time,Can develop such a powerful program,Maybe I can get the news,Award or something!”Lao Hu suddenly said,Finished,Also glanced at Han Qian。
“Teacher Hu,Don’t you say,This soft armor is indeed very useful。Some apps will crash,And there are so many apps downloaded on my phone。Not that i play every day,But Lu Yuxin said very clearly,This program is not for us for nothing,We are helping her test。”
Hear the teachers,Li Zesheng plucked up the courage to justify the sentence。
Yu Dewei was shocked instantly!
What and what?
He began to wonder if the group of people in front of him were competent teachers!
The Critical Conference?!
But when I heard Li Zesheng,Yu Dewei was confused again!
Several situations?
Is this software really tinkered by these kids??
The tests are out?