Then under the arrangement of Ge Lingyue,The three walked into the building elevator,To the headquarters of Apple and China。

“Zhao Xin,This teacher Peng is a guest of our company,You take him to visit our company,Then take Teacher Peng to the recreation room to rest。”Just walked in,Ge Lingyue gave an order to the executive beauty at the front desk。
The decent woman first looked at Ge Lingyue and agreed:“Ok,President Ge。”
Then walk out of the front desk,After bowing slightly to Peng Jiankang,Said with a smile:“Teacher Peng,Please come with me。”
Ge Lingyue also said with a smile:“Teacher Peng,You don’t mind,Mainly because the big boss is waiting。”
“Nothing,Nothing,I wanted to see with my own eyes what a high-tech company is like.,This opportunity is rare,I can take a good look at you。”Peng Jiankang said with a smile。
as expected,He still can’t participate in talking to the boss。
But then again,This inconspicuous arrangement,Didn’t make him feel uncomfortable。
“Teacher Peng, let’s meet。”Wang Yufei also said something。
“Row,You two are fine,Don’t trouble manager Ge。”Peng Jiankang explained,And left with the female executive arranged by Ge Lingyue。
“Please, please。”
Ge Lingyue took the two from the other side of the company to the door of a small meeting room。
Knocked on the door twice,The door was opened in the next moment,The big guy who can only be seen on the Internet stood in front of the door。
It’s a great honor to change individuals。