Probably because I have been with Liu Xiaoyun for a long time,Shen Ruoxue’s eloquence is getting better and better now,Become more and more talkable……

In the next few days,Qin Liang stayed with Shen Ruoxue all the time,Two people doing nothing all day,Wander around,Hang out,I went almost everywhere around the valley。
Shen Ruoxue almost forgot that she was doing survival training in the wild,She spends every day happily,very happy。
Qin Liang is the same,Every day guarding such a flower like jade,I am obedient to myself“Flower Fairy”,He’s just so satisfied。
Two people have endless topics together,Qin Liang is humorous,Shen Ruoxue is lively and lovely,Two people match up like this,Every day is full of fun。
at the same time,Liu Xiaoyun, who is in another part of the island, is not idle either,In order to pass the long time every day,She was even thinking about it,Use all kinds of“material”,Built a simple“house”,Also made all kinds of incredible“Furniture”。
This surprised the swallow who had been protecting her in secret,Admire her genius。
Liu Xiaoyun is a girl who can’t stay idle,Let her be quiet for ten days,Except looking for food, it’s just a daze,go to bed,That would drive her crazy。
Fortunately, she not only has a flexible brain filled with all kinds of whimsical ideas,At the same time, there is plenty of physical strength and strong practical ability,So even though she doesn’t have a brother-in-law who knows her distress by her side like Shen Ruoxue,But she still spends every day fulfilling,very funny。
Whenever she makes something that makes sense“Furniture”,Will make her happy,Excited for a long time。
Her talent,Even used to being alone,The lonely swallow was moved,I almost couldn’t help coming out of the hiding place several times,Add to her“jobs”Go in。
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Chapter five hundred and forty eight Digging a diversion channel
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