“Big brother,We can go back.!”

This is the first tiger baby is still happy after being trained.。
“Tiger,You stay,I said with you.!Others can go!”
Tiger, I am very happy.,Keep Su Yuqing faster,I am afraid that I am walking late.。I heard the words,When the little face suddenly became down,
“gentlemen,I will stay again next http://www.v0457.cn time.!I beg you.,gentlemen!”
“no!Today’s things will be completed today,How can you want to drag when?!”
Tiger wobbled for a long time and did not respond,Standing on the side of the committee, listening to Mr.,
“Do you know if it is wrong??”
“Next, I don’t commit it.?”
“Not committed~”
Tiger’s mouth promised,Good attitude,I don’t know http://www.hdjeans.cn where I have already fly.。
“That’s good,Yutong, you have a tiger baby.!Be careful on the road,Some of this late today!”
“Thank you, sir,I will look at Tigerwa’s!”
“move!Don’t delay,Seeing others going back,You have not returned,The family should worry about it.!”
Mr. is carrying hands to the backyard.,They live in the college.。The front is the teaching school,Behind is a home,Very convenient。
“I see!what?what!Can you go back??I can finally go back.!”
“Don’t Tihu don’t want to go back?,I want to stay with Mr. here.!”
Mr. I listen to the tiger’s baby.,I know that he didn’t listen at it.,Black face turned to stare at him。
“No no,I will go back.!Big Brother is going!”
Tiger Wahou is squatting with Su Yuqing’s hand.,
“Mr. goodbye~”
“This kid~”
Mr. smiled and shook http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn his head,Go back to the house.。
“mother,Big Brother and Tigerwa are not coming back?!In the morning, Tika said that let us pick him up.!”
“Yup,Grandmother,Is the Tiger Wah next day??”
“You don’t mention this, I have forgotten this.,It’s almost the same time.,You will go to the village waiting for a while.!”
“Then let’s go.!Niu Niu wants to follow us.!”
Niu Niu crazy shake head。Don’t,Anyway, I will go home.。
If it is not estimated wrong,I will steamed the next Tongzi.。