Gradually,Most people go back to sleep in the carriage,Only a few mercenary guards patrolled around。Wright is sitting cross-legged on the ground,Hammer aside。

The realm of sanctuary warrior moves,It can be divided‘Lift weights lightly,Be in control’‘Motivate the power of heaven and earth’‘Perceptual law’This triple。
Wright’s early childhood,Practice the boxing techniques of previous lives,Arrived early‘Intricate’Level of,Afterwards in the sunset mountains,,Life and death experience‘Motivate the power of heaven and earth’The state of,Can trigger the fire element between heaven and earth,Specialized again《Wuming Sword Saint Practice Notes》,Already‘Flame’Reached the extreme。
And now,Wright’s practice can no longer be learned from anyone,The only way is to directly perceive nature。Take the world as a teacher,Want to go further,achieve‘The road of law’!
The vast land is thick、Calm,Seems to carry everything!
The bonfire in front of you is burning、Bright,But the guardian of the night!
The heavy feeling of this earth,Is a trend!But Wright’s perception of the earth is still very shallow。
And the flame,After all, the flowing fire style that Wright comprehends belongs to the flame side,I have a deeper understanding of the fire element,But vaguely felt the existence of the law of flame,Even just a half step further,Even if I understand the law of fire。
“Puff~~~”Wright’s ears move,I heard a sound of flapping wings。
Wright’s closed eyes opened,The hammer is already in your hand。
“Enemy attack。”Wright’s voice resounded。
Mercenaries desperately on the edge,Never sleep,This huge voice passed,I woke up all at once,Pick up weapons one after another。
however,Their hearts quickly cooled。