Did not use any advanced artistic conception,Just such a pure thorn,The resulting aftermath of power exploded most of the manor。

And this trick,It’s as if someone stepped on an ant nest,A large number of great warriors in black、Grandmasters are coming up。
Yes,Montessori Manor,The upper level of the manor is actually a cover,The real residence is underground。And Li Ming’s shot,Easily destroy the structure between the ground and the underground。Expose the real resident on the lower floor。
As for the broken structure, it will cause some loss,But it has no effect on these masters and great warriors。
While at the same http://www.art0372.cn time,Badao’s rather powerful breath came out,And flew towards Li Ming’s location。
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Chapter Thirty Killer
Grand Master Warrior?”The whole body of a master martial artist headed by the master is shrouded in black robes,Only a pair of narrow eyes are exposed,Voice is a bit suspicious,Because he felt Li Ming’s breath—A little weird。
Some are like master martial artists,It feels like a great warrior。
“Whether it’s a master warrior or a great warrior,Let’s catch it~”Thin and short,The old man whose voice is like running water,Staring blood red eyes,Force Voice Command。He is the most senior among the eight masters。
“Whoosh~”Eight master martial artists broke out their own tricks at the same time,Although Li Ming’s breath is a bit weird,But just the shot,Also made them afraid to underestimate the enemy。
not to mention,Most of them are killers trained by the killer house,Face the weakest opponent and go all out,This is a very important part of the killer building training。Several others joined the killer building halfway through,But a career as a killer will also make them cautiously deal with any opponent。
Five of the http://www.adorn168.cn killers have the same attitude,Instill the gene force into the dagger,And projected towards Li Ming。Seemingly ordinary attack,But in the hands of a king-level killer,But it exploded with power that mortals could not imagine。