We can’t wait for him to finish the introduction and can’t wait to eat up。

Wow!The taste is really authentic,It is undeniable that you can get this farmhouse if you want to eat the real local characteristics,Go to those big restaurants,Except that the environment is better,It may not taste so good。
Several people couldn’t stop eating,I was shocked,I have to remind them not to eat too much,I have to go climbing later,I have to set up the tent before dark。
From the small road to the mountains2Kilometers to Luna,It’s not a big problem for me and Zhong Manxia who are long-term sportsmen,I don’t know if Gong Junjie likes sports,But look at his little white face,I’m not particularly optimistic about him,And it’s not easy for a lazy pig like Li Xiaohong。
Li Xiaohong is now my classmate,My matchmaker again,So she is afraid that she is the only one who doesn’t take the number one dude of HKUST seriously,Arrogant in front of me,Eating delicious,Don’t listen to me,Disdain:“Come out to play, don’t you just walk,Eat,Let’s play!If you’re tired, just sit down and rest.。”
I had to smile helplessly and let them go,But I guess the burden will definitely fall on me later。
At last,Even Zhong Manxia, who is particularly temperate, is full,What’s more, the young couple Li Xiaohong who are used to eating school pot of rice,They can’t walk with their chubby belly。
We had to spend half an hour longer than originally planned,Digest and digest food before packing up。
I carried most of the load alone,The other three of them share,We walked along the path into the mountain。
Winding up the path,Into the deep forest,Lush trees in the forest,Like a big umbrella to shield us from the sun,We breathe the fresh air with earthy flavor,People become more refreshed,Shuttle in the cool breeze,Fallen leaves slamming under your feet,Sometimes the chirping of birds stops,So we have a taste of ancient poems“Cicadas are noisy,Niaoming Mountain is more secluded”The mood of。
A small stream flows through the forest and gully,Leaving a string of jingle melody,Music from nature,Tap our hearts lightly,Wash our hearts。
The mountain chrysanthemum in the grass blooms beautifully,Yellow,Pink,Red,They exude fragrance,Contend for,Adds a lot of life to the full green。
Two beautiful women are like two happy little swallows,Moving lightly in the forest,Laugh like silver bells from time to time,This situation is beautiful、Water beauty、People are more beautiful,Although I am full of things,But I still can’t help but stop and record this beautiful picture with my camera.。
All the way up,The forest is still beautiful,The three of us walked easily and happily,But Li Xiaohong is afraid that he has never carried such a heavy backpack to climb the mountain in this life.,After the initial freshness,She is already exhausted。
We had to stop and rest and wait for her to recover,She complained:“It depends on which place you choose for camping,Why do you have to go so far?”
Zhong Manxia is here,I won’t quarrel with her,Patience explained:“I’ll be here soon,Hold on,Only in such places with few people,In order to see more beautiful scenery,Arrived at the destination in a while,You will love it there。”
She reluctantly:“Ok!Anyway, catch the ducks on the shelves,Can’t look back。”