The two sweeps brought them more than surprises,More thinking。

They don’t naively think that the Pacers have swept the Eagles and Wizards in succession.,A large part of it is luck。
Luck will not last forever,They only believe in strength!
Strength is everything!
First251chapter Unlucky New York Knicks
5month19number,AnnualnbaThe draft lottery draw was held at the Hilton Hotel in New York。
According to the regular season record of each team this season,In this lottery draw, the odds of each team winning the No. 1 lottery in descending order are:Timberwolves、Knicks、76people、Lakers、magic、king、Nuggets、piston、Wasp、fire、Celtic、Jazz、sun、Thunder。
Far in New York,Not far from the Hilton Hotel。
The old Zen master sits serious and attentively watching the TV in front of him,Sitting next to him are Knicks owner Dolan and head coach Derek·Fisher。
The draw representing the New York Knicks is the current general manager Mills.,What he carries is the expectation of the entire Knicks!
Put Carl·Anthony·Anticipation that Downs brings back!
“obtain2015The fifth overall pick of the year is,Orlando Magic!”
Magic Fifth!