“Is this the current continent?,I didn’t expect there to be such an outstanding young man,Is the luck of my mainland。”

“Cough,Miu Chan,The kid is just a person who lives for something,No difference。”
This natural coercion is really powerful,Even saying a few words seems extremely difficult。
Lord Gu with his hands behind his back,Nodded unconsciously:“Medicine Guigu Mie is also reasonable,Those who can come here are good fortune。”
Is this the mind of the predecessors?,Why can they see through life and death,See fame and fortune。
good fortune,Is he good fortune??
The brothers died ruthlessly,Subordinate double regulation,Strength is sealed,No revenge,If this is also good luck,That’s too cruel for him。
“I want to fight the sky。”
Do not know why,Xia Chenglong suddenly said,This is just a silly remark made in a state of extremely unclear mind。
The sky is not the sky,But his own heaven,Don’t want to be driven by fate,The only way is to go to Doutian,Fight with Tianli。
“Hahaha,What a fight,Just by your words,The old man gave you a good luck。”
Elder Xiao and they still want to move forward,But hard to move,Here is really going to collapse,Then the world of Medicine Ghost Valley will be destroyed,Then everything is over。
He can’t bet,Can only quit。
Even Elder Xiao retired,Chairman Sun will naturally no longer insist,He just needs to make sure that the damn person will die here,Things still exist。