[Ginger tea cures cough]_Cough_Efficacy

[Ginger tea cures cough]_Cough_Efficacy

The effect of tea for cough is relatively obvious, because it is relatively effective in treating the cough caused by colds and colds, especially in summer, many people will get cold and cold, which will easily cause colds and coughs, or headache, nasal congestion, etc.Phenomenon, drinking some ginger tea properly can improve the symptom and relieve the symptoms without causing side effects to the body.

1. Brown sugar ginger tea can be used to treat cough caused by wind cold and cold, but the cough caused by wind cold can not be drunk, otherwise it will worsen the disease.

2. In summer, people are greedy and cold, and they like to blow with the fan air conditioner. This is very easy to feel the cold, causing headaches, nasal congestion, cough, neck and shoulder and knee soreness (ie air conditioning syndrome).

At this time, drink brown sugar and ginger tea in time to help expel wind and cold in the body and treat cough.

3, the difference between cold and cold: wind cold is caused by the evil attack of wind cold, caused by loss of lung qi, the symptoms are visible: severe cold, light fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, coughSpit thin white sputum, not thirsty or thirsty for hot drinks, thin white fur.

4, Fengreganmao is a wicked form of wind and heat, caused by lung loss, and the symptoms are severe fever, slight wind, head pain, sweating, sore throat, cough, sticky or yellow sputum, yellow stuffy noseStomach, thirst and drink, red tongue tip, thin white and yellowish fur.

5. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, wind cold is a cold attack from outside, and ginger is hot, and the main body is scattered, which can dispel external evils. If the wind is cold, drink a bowl of hot ginger tea, which makes the patient sweat slightly.With sweat, the disease will be resolved.

So it works.

But Fengreganmao is a real evil internal resistance. Drinking ginger tea actually worsens the symptoms.

6. It can be seen that brown sugar ginger tea is not suitable for every cough patient. Pay attention to distinguish cough caused by cold or cold. If it is a cough caused by cold, you can drink brown sugar ginger tea.