“grandfather,I am with you.!Just also active,so long,Sitting on my ass hurts!”

“把 机 机 灵!Still compiling,I am afraid that my grandfather doesn’t take you.!”
“How,I am telling the truth.!”
“grandfather,Energetic this year,A good year!”
Take a closer look,Each rice is both a heavy cereal.。
These few years,Whenever cultivating rice,Is the grandfather of Sui Niu’s right time,Every household is going to turn it out.。Strive to make everyone know about this technology clearly。
This is so subtle,Qingshan Village and a few small villages around you are getting better and better.,And the range affects is still expanding。
Niu Niu, secretly grasped the amount of Liangquan http://www.0730cn.cn every time.,Let the change should not be too amazing。
But as long as there is a heart,Putting a few years ago and the current contrast,I can see the gap.。
“So so many rain is just right,If you are more,Can be fire!”
“So the old man is helping us.!But let’s the meritorism of Niu Niu or this!”
http://www.guang618.cn Grandpa Sui gave the girl more than a thumb。
“Su big brother,You will come back.!I thought you had to wait for a while.!”
I heard the sound,Ripely drilled out from a place,There are still a few weeds on the head。。
Niu Niu took the chest。
“This is scared to have a girl.!It’s really sorry.!”
“it’s okay no problem,I just didn’t pay attention.!This will be fine.!”
“That’s good,That’s good!How to play in the county?happy?”
“happy!We also went to see the margin,He also tried to bring http://www.aukma.cn something to come back.!”
Several children stayed in the town a few days,The place where the visit is visited.!As a result of the county,I remembered my sincerity in the county.,I took a better food from my home.!
After the small two shattered silver at the door,Only called people quietly
“real,Honest is like?”
“pretty good!We have not entered the county,But he said that the environment is very good.,Mr. and the same window are also very good!”
Niu Niu agreed,Help him take things down。
And I have already got a lot of uncle.,It should be very good in the future.!
“That’s good,That’s good!The child is not reporting,It’s rare to go home.,It’s almost different we say.!”
“Richeng Grandpa,Honestly gives us something that may come to you to give you!Get home!”
“Not in a hurry,Not in a hurry!I know that he will become good.!I heard it.,This is a child who is rich.,Make a child who is bullied!”
“It’s bullied and there is no way to say,Can only eat dumb loss,Just suffering!”
“But this will know that sincerity is good.,I am relieved.!”