In this case,SDGNaturally, it will be difficult to fight.,I can only look at my highland tower being grinded.。

then,The war line of the next road is alsorookieBring together。
After the process of rendering of the scene,SDGLower highland tower is also posed。
In this process,SDGThe station has been cautious,Do not giveIGChance。
InIGBeginning to attack the door tooth,SDGEven if you don’t want to pick up,I have to be forced to play a wave.。
finally,existIGthreeCUnder the lineup of high output and flexibility,SDGPositive group war is still difficult to have a chance to struggle。
AccompanySDGBase explosion sound,IGWon the winner group of this German Cup。
Successfully promoted the finals of the winner group,It is also the top four of the German。
And their opponent,It is also next to a few hours.,Another victor group was born in the knockout。
afternoon14point15Minute,Another knockout of the German Cup winner group,TOP VS RNGCompetition。
finally,TOPby2:1Raise,I won the victory of this knockout。
andIGThe opponent of the next game,This is also determined。
“beatTOPwhat,They seem to be strong。”
After the game,Some restaurants in Xi’an,IGAll players are present。
Yesterday, Liu Qingcong gave them the special snacks of Xi’an.,theshyI have always said that I will go to find the Xi’an specialty restaurant to eat.。
This is for him,It is a very bad thing.,So everyone has no objection.,I followed him together.。
InrookieAfter saying this sentence,Everyone’s attention is attracted by him。
“Oh,I know this。”
It is bored to knock down the bowl.ngNarrate,Chopsticks show a smile on a face。
“he isKnight,the same with me,AlsoYMStay。”
Say,Seeing everyone’s attention is attracted by themselves,The expression of the story on his face has become more meaningful.。
“It’s really strong,I listenPDDI said with me.,Talent is the best in the people he have ever seen.。”
Everyone is originally interested in listening to his story.。
But after listening to him finally added,The expression on everyone has lost interest at once.。
“How can I not?,A little bit slow。”
“It seems to rain today.,Outside dark clouds。”
“What to eat in the evening?,Want to change the taste。”
ngI saw everyone who did their own things.,Zhang Zhangzhu,There is some dull expression on the face。
next moment,His eyes are inadvertent and the palace is。
ngLook bright,Just want to talk,Palace cleared the hand,Stop the words he is about to get out of mouth。
“I believe you,But we still eat first.。”
ngStunned,The grievances are finally turned into the faintness of the mouth.。
Oh, I still have a confidant.,Although this is confidant and yourselfIGA predecessor is a bit like。
The palace is not deliberateng,Or don’t believe what he said。
all of these,Be just becausengTooBBNS。
Last time in the base,TherengWhen I boast myself in the past,I accidentally opened the words,I haven’t stopped in the base for half an hour.,Don’t get to you。
Since then,Everyone encountersngWhen you pick up this topic,They are all ignorant.。