But what happens now makes him shocked,The tail beast in his body is also taking out quickly.。

Even the opportunity to form a tail beast。
Quan Yule lives the hand of the high neck,When Yu Gao suddenly felt a suffocation。
He didn’t pay for the spring without Chakra.。
“Are you not going Chekra?,I give you,How much can you absorb?”Yao Gao also sent a,A large number of tail beasts are http://www.ihumor.cn poured into his body.。
But the spring is now not before.,Now he is equal to the body of the transfusion eye,Absorption capacity。
Yao Tao is not too late to use these tail beasts,I was taken away by Spring.。
“A bit more,It’s full of reincarnation.”心心 中 道。
He is able to absorb Chakra,But this is also based on the capacity of the revivement.。
Although Quan Yan did not speak on the hook in Joji during this time,But there is not much space left.。
Quan Yule lives the high hands relaxed。
Yu high heart is a happy,This is something else.。
Just as he thinks that the spring is going to prepare for resistance,The hands of the spring have grown in the neck of the feather.。
Then Chakra in his body will be sucked by this hand.。
Hold his hand before before,Then blue light flashes。
A blue light http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn ball appears in the hands of the spring,Survey a strong Chakra wave。
Feather is shocked,Strong Chakra wave,Does the other party kill him??
Do not,I don’t want to die.!
Emotional changes,Let the beast Chakra in the bodies of the feathers,Even the spring is a bit feeling that I can’t absorb it.。
The blue light in the hand is also more intense.。
Yao Gao has already appeared in the tail,He also begun to struggle
His hand grabbed the hand on his neck,To pull。
“It is yourself to find it.,Don’t blame me”Springs are on the hands of the blue light to put it behind the feather.。
Of course, the degree of dispersion of the energy of the spring control,Can’t do it directly without a hit。
But he immediately stopped the action.。
A picture of a movie appeared in an instant,Fever。
Two black bats have pierced the feather legs in an instant。
He suddenly became a body,The eyes are also wide.,Frightened look on the face。
The tail beast in the feather is chaotic.,Can no longer resist,I was taken away by Spring.。
http://www.yoogong.cn And no longer the beast chart。
Blue light on the hands of the spring,brighter。
“Leader,Help out,Help me stun him”Spring said。
His body has not been exercised,I want to get dizziness, I am a little difficult.,The body of the tail beast is generally weak.。
“Bamboo”Payne has no nonsense,I hit the neck of the feathers.。
Then the feather is fainted.。
Spring is also loose,Let go of the hand on the neck of the feather。