The little girl riding a panda watching the sun said with excitement。

What else can Huang Lei say?I can only quickly say yes yes yes,That’s what I mean。
Then he fell silent,Still thinking about what to do next,How to get out of this damn game。
Continue like this,Will drive him crazy one day,These damn feelings。
“rest assured,I’ll go to the hospital to have a look,If there is any need,I will try my best to help you,Brother Huang Lei。”
Huang Lei said he knew,Didn’t worry about this。
How could the little girl riding a panda watching the sun help him??He is now a vegetable,Lying there quietly,Can’t do anything,Can’t say anything,So I want to go back,It’s just watching。
But Huang Lei didn’t expect,The little girl riding a panda watching the sun did not bring any help when she passed by,Also caused trouble for myself。
The little girl riding a panda and watching the sun really went to see Huang Lei as she said,I went to the hospital and sat beside the bed,Say a few words from time to time,It can be regarded as chatting with Huang Lei,speak,In communication。
Although such behavior is a little silly in the eyes of others,After all, Huang Lei who is lying on the bed is motionless,Is a vegetable,Can you hear me is still a question。
But the little girl who is riding a panda and watching the sun says nothing,At the end, he even laughed,Seems to be communicating with someone。
Long Liang saw this scene not far away,Also frowned,I really can’t figure out who the kid lying on the bed is?When did you meet the chick?
Did you let the brother deal with yourself?,Is the vegetative man lying on the sickbed?
Chapter Thirty Two Vegetative only
Long Liang couldn’t figure it out,He can’t understand!