Old fish took a look at little Tim,He knows that he can’t blame him,but.That’s not the reason why you go out and hilarious as soon as you return to New York.?

You’re very happy to have two consecutive losses with the team?Have to call two?One can’t use you?
Now he thinks of the two documents on the table and gets angry。
One of them is a transaction application from Anji,One is a photo taken by the reporter。
If it wasn’t for this newspaper to have shares in Dolan,,Was intercepted in advance and dealt with,Once this incident broke out, the impact would be very big。
House seemingly endless rain。
Old fish frowned,Anji’s heart in trading Xu Xuan has never died,But the old fish also knows that the old Zen master has not agreed because he has new ideas now。
Calderon injured again,His primary goal is not to be strikers,But a point guard with immediate combat capabilities。
This is a big deal!
Xu Xuan did well,But it’s just performing well!
It is a pity,He doesn’t need potential now,He needs combat power!
Because the biggest problem before him is to make the playoffs!
On this basis,Everything can be sacrificed!
As for the future.
who care?
“Come here,I have something to announce。”Old fish clapped his hands,The players put the ball down,Come all over。
“save.save.I.”Little Tim·Hardaway Lives Cole·Aldridge’s trousers:“Look at.For the sake of us once carrying guns together.”