Chapter six hundred and ninety one I do not want to eat

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I do not want to eat
Qin Liang finished,And didn’t wait for Liu Rushi’s reply,Urge the horse straight to the innermost part of the valley。
The result did not disappoint Qin Liang,The criminal side of the valley really has a waterfall that flows down.,And there is also a crystal clear water pool below the waterfall。
“Girl,Let’s go down and have a look。”
Qin Liang couldn’t restrain his excitement,Greeting Liu Rushi,I got off the horse first,Reached out and hugged Liu Rushi。
“The scenery here is so beautiful,More beautiful than yesterday’s gorge。”
Liu Rushi looked at the surrounding scenery,Praised。
In fact, she feels hungry that the scenery here is better than yesterday’s hungry canyon,The more reason is that there is a magnificent waterfall here,And a quiet and beautiful waterhole。
Qin Liang didn’t speak,But went straight to the front of the waterfall,Took a close look at the waterhole,I looked around again,Muttered;“Koyuki,I will take you here next time,You will be pleasantly surprised……”
“Qin Liang,You said it looks like a place you’ve been,Is there any special story in that place??”
See how Qin Liang has always been worried,Liu Rushi walked to him and tentatively asked him。
“Yes,A very beautiful story。”