“Just have a meal together,Why does Boss Ouyang reject others like this??”

Huang Wenhua replied with some embarrassment。
“I’m silly!Are these two people here to grab the rhythm of women??”
Qin Liang secretly smiled,Ugh,No matter what kind of man it is,Beauty current,It’s all a virtue。
Qin Liang forgot,When he saw beautiful women, he also had the same virtue……
“I repeat;No friendship between us,It’s your business whether you invite Miss Murong to dinner,Don’t get involved with me,Tao is different,Not conspiring。”
That’s the end of Ouyang Jie’s words,Already very welcome,I don’t know if he has any feasts with this yellow culture,Actually in such a high-end atmosphere,Don’t give him any face。
“Good good,We’ll just ask for it,Ha ha。”
The anger on Huang Wenhua’s face flashed by,I found myself a step down,Obviously,He dare not offend Ouyang Jie。
“Mr. Ouyang,Are you a local?”
Seeing that the situation has become awkward,Murong Shan cleverly changed the subject。
“Oh,Yes,I was born and raised here,Ms. Murong, are you interested in taking a look at the scenery here??I am willing to serve you if you are interested,Take you around。”
Ouyang Jie is obviously looking forward to his proposal,The eyes are full of expectation and yearning。